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Pathify Integration
Pathify Integration
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Presence integrates with Pathify to highlight organizations and events on the students' Pathify Engagement Hub.

To learn more about the integration process, visit the Pathify helpdesk article.

The integration between Pathify and Presence operates through a straightforward process:

  1. Creation of Pathify Groups: To begin, Pathify Groups are established to align with the new or existing Presence Organizations. These groups serve as the core units for collaboration within the Pathify platform.

  2. Membership Synchronization: Members of Presence Organizations are synchronized with Pathify. They are added as Group Members to the corresponding Pathify Group, ensuring that everyone involved in the organization is part of the workflow and task management process.

  3. Event Integration: Events hosted by Organizations are seamlessly integrated into the Pathify Groups. These events are categorized as Group Events within the Pathify platform.

  4. Administrative Access: To facilitate smooth administration, the Organization Presidents are designated as Group Admin within the respective Pathify Group. This ensures that leaders have the necessary permissions and access to oversee and manage the workflow, tasks, and communications within their organization.

In essence, the Pathify integration with Presence simplifies organizational management and collaboration by syncing members, events, and administrative roles, creating a cohesive environment for enhanced productivity and communication.

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